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A miserable misfortune occurred on 9 November 2017. Three construction workers drowned due to a narrow sewage pipe burst and filled the underground cable pipes in a few seconds.


There are several Underground Pipeline Robots in the market, but most are large. Therefore, the Small Underground Pipeline Robot will be our product. It aims to let the Construction Company and the Government have additional choices to choose to use our robot to go in the pipe instead of the workers. The second purpose is to allow our robots to enter the pipes which the pipe’s size is not applicable to let workers enter.

CCTV camera and IR camera

By using a CCTV camera, it can record the condition of the pipe.

By using an IR camera, it can penetrate heavy smoke and dense fog, by detecting temperature difference, it can detect hidden cracks in the pipe and other harsh conditions.

These two cameras can let users record the pipe’s condition clearly and accurately. It is easier to let people do research, observe the state of the pipe on the ground to replace workers go in.

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In some pipes, such as Sewerage pipes, the surface is wet. Water, chemical material and dangerous gas are found in the pipe easily. Therefore, an aluminum surface will be applied to our robot for stronger protection from chemical corrosion. Anti-corrosion and waterproof epoxy layers will be applied to the surface.

It can help to prevent the robot from being damaged and affected by water and chemical material while the robot is travelling through the pipe.

Toxic gases can be found inside the underground environment. In stand operation procedure, before sending workers, people blow fresh air into the pipe for a while to change air. Using gas level sensors, it can let workers monitor the level of the type of dangerous gas, pipe’s temperature and percentage of humidity. To provide scientific data for safety evaluation.

Water proof camera

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Size is small: Dimension: 350x250x150mm.

Wired or wireless remote control: Stainless steel wire

CCTV camera: IP66 Waterproof level of PTZ Pipeline Camera

IR Camera: provide a thermal image that shows hides from views of the pipe

Optional other sensors

Gas Sensors: to detect the dangerous gas of the pipe

Explosion-proof temperature sensor: to test the temperature of the pipe

Humidity sensors: to test the humidity of the pipe

Front lens and sensor: to collect data and send it back to the control center for real-time feedback and monitor

SLAM 3D Modeling Generation

Rubber mold wheels: Anti-skidding , CAN CHANGE TO 90-120MM WHEELS

Aluminum surface: Anti-corrosion and waterproof epoxy layers

Lan cable: It is waterproofing and antiseptic. Length: 100m to 250m
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